ZERO BS is a revolution in skin care, a back-to-basics 100% natural product. Its unique ingredient, Free Range Beef TALLOW, a molecular match to skin lipids, makes it completely compatible with human skin and offers overall nourishment, ultra-hydration and total absorption.

100% natural

Our products are made with all natural ingredients to ensure it is completely safe and suitable for anyone to use.

zero additives

No petrochemicals. No parabens. No water (Aqua). No Parfum. No Lauryl Sulfate. No Hidden Ingredients. What you See is what you get. Nothing More. Nothing Less. Zero BS.

zero bs

Our promise to you.
Honesty and transparency, our company DNA.

Featured Products

ZERO Face Cream

ZERO BS Face Cream has been formulated to feed your skin while you sleep. Apply the cream at night when the metabolic activity of your skin’s cells are at their peak, and ZERO BS will enhance your skin’s natural repair process.

ZERO Lip Balm

Our nourishing Lip Balm is a refreshing and soothing all-weather lip rejuvenator. Chapped lips will be soothed all season long with our 100% natural mint infused balm. No additives and no petrochemicals.

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The Science

Grass fed tallow (beef fat) contains an abundance of fat soluble activators, Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamins A, D, K and E. This natural composition is only found in animal fats and is necessary for optimum skin health. And, unlike plant oils, tallow has an almost identical molecular structure to our own skin cell membrane, both of which are made up of fatty acids, with 50% being saturated fats.

Tallow’s compatibility with our own skin promotes the absorption of nutrients through the skin cell membrane allowing for nutrition and ultra-hydration, and helps give the cell membrane its necessary firmness and integrity for proper functioning.This boosts the skin’s ability to repair itself and maintain ideal health.


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"We have seen some great results from Zero, while treating a number of skin conditions and have had excellent customer feedback. I love this product. It works!”

Michelle Boiskin – Physiotherapist
Biodynamics Institute

“I've had immediate and dramatic results from a number of my patients. While treating a patient who had undergone Radiation Therapy, the results from 4 days of treatment with ZERO were extraordinary"

"Another patient with an acute inflammation from Athletes Foot saw an almost immediate reduction in redness, itching and inflammation within 24 hours."

"On a personal note, ZERO Night Cream has done wonders for my skin”

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